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Traditional Thai massage

60/90/120 min

The traditional Thai massage is performed without oil and includes stretching. It is famous for its techniques, which not only improve flexibility but also benefit our mental wellbeing and our body and mind, in the combination of which Thai philosophy perceives life. The blockage of these energy pathways is what leads to physical or even mental disorders. The aim of Thai massage, or Nuad Boran (it requires the application of pressure on certain pressure points), as it is often called in this part of the world, is to free up blocked energy. The therapist is able to tell when your body is out of balance and attempts to optimise its energy flow. Traditional Thai massage is associated with many health benefits: relief from stress and muscle tension, pain relief, better circulation, unblocking and balancing energy flow, detoxification of internal organs, better mood, greater flexibility and range of movement. It also supports the circulation and increases vital energy. Treat yourself to pleasant moments during a traditional Thai massage.

Price: CZK 550/60 min.; CZK 799/90 min.; CZK 999/120 min.

Thai oil aroma massage whole body - choice of flavor

60/90/120 min

A true massage experience, performed with essential oils. It is a procedure for relieving tension, supporting the circulation and eliminating toxins from the blood. Thai oil aroma massage is intended to improve physical and emotional wellbeing. It is an alternative treatment using highly concentrated essential oils gained from plants. Aroma massage, or aroma therapy, focuses on revitalising the body and mind and improving the moods. It helps generate a feeling of comfort and is also known for alleviating mental fatigue and insomnia. This therapy helps significantly in dealing with adverse mental states such as anxiety, stress, depression and insomnia, and it also aids in pain relief and has a positive impact on digestive difficulties. Come and calm your muscles, alleviate your stress and rejuvenate your body.

Price: CZK 649/60 min.; CZK 949/90 min.; CZK 1199/120 min.

Foot reflexology

15/30/60 min

Experience the traditional Thai massage of your feet. Foot massage begins with a pleasant footbath in warm water, sometimes with added salt. It is especially great for improving blood flow and also serves to prevent headache, stress, asthma, constipation, paranasal sinusitis, migraine etc. Enjoy this procedure whilst relaxing in a comfortable chair, listening to calming music and sipping excellent Thai tea. Foot massage is ideal especially for tired and swollen feet. If you choose a one-hour massage, the masseuse will also spend some of the time focusing on massage of the head and neck

Price: CZK 199/15 min.; CZK 299/30 min.; CZK 550/60 min.

Anti-stress head, back and neck massage

15/30/60 min

A relaxing massage of the face and head associated with acupressure technique in the area of the neck. The massage improves the blood flow in the skin of the head and thus aids mental relief.  It leaves a feeling of deep relaxation and also eliminates nervous tension. After repeated massages, there is a significant reduction in chronic back pain. The massage helps ameliorate pain in the cervical spine, it helps in the treatment of migraine, and overall it calms the body.

Cena: CZK 199/15min.; CZK 299/30 min.; CZK 550/60 min.

Royal (herbal) massage of the whole body

60/90/120 min

This is an ancient treatment method. Massage is performed using heated herbal bags filled with many types of therapeutic herbs and grasses. These bag are placed on various parts of the body and so help relax pain and stress in the muscles and activate the blood flow. The massage is suitable at any time, but it is mainly recommended as a relaxation method following great exertion or sports. The herbs also have an aromatherapy effect.   

Price: CZK 699/60 min.; CZK 999/90 min.; CZK 1199/120 min.

Massage for pregnant women

30/60 min

Antenatal relaxation massage is recommended up to the 8th month of pregnancy. This is an oil aroma massage that stimulates stressed muscles in the area of the lumbar spine, helps relax a stressed back and stiff neck, reduces headaches and nausea, and last but not least it has a highly positive impact on spiritual relaxation due to aroma. Overall the massage contributes to stress reduction. The entire massage is naturally performed with regard to the current state of the expectant mother, very carefully and according to her wishes. If the expectant mother has any medical problems (for example high or low blood pressure), it is essential to consult a doctor before the massage.

Price: CZK 299/30 min.; CZK 550/60 min.

The aforementioned prices are valid from 1.3.2018


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